REALME C21 Screen Protector (9H Nano Flexible Glass) – Ultimate Protection by Askani Group of Companies

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Elevate your REALME C21’s defense with Askani’s 9H Nano Flexible Glass Screen Protector. Precision-engineered for a perfect fit, this protector offers unbeatable strength at just 0.3mm thickness. Protect your phone from scratches, and impacts, and maintain crystal-clear clarity. The flexible glass feels just like your original screen, ensuring a smooth touch experience. Easy installation and an oil-resistant coating for a clean, smudge-free screen. Compatible in most cases, it’s the ultimate armor for your REALME C21, guaranteeing longevity and preserving its pristine look. Upgrade your protection today!

Compatible Phone Model: REALME C21
Brand Name: Askani Group of Companies
Model Number: 9h Nano Flexible Glass Screen Protector
Use: Mobile Phone
Place of Origin: Pakistan
Material: Flexible glass
Thickness: 0.3mm
Hardness: 9H


24 in stock

24 in stock


Introducing the Ultimate REALME C21 Screen Protector: Protection Redefined with 9H Nano Flexible Glass!

When it comes to preserving the pristine beauty and functionality of your REALME C21 Screen Protector, the Askani Group of Companies has engineered the perfect solution. The REALME C21 is the exclusive design recipient of our 9H Nano Flexible Glass Screen Protectors, ensuring uncompromised quality, strength, and flexibility.

Key Features:

  1. Compatibility: Designed for the REALME C21, our screen protector is tailored to fit your device like a glove. The perfect match for your precious REALME C21.
  2. Brand Name You Can Trust: Askani Group of Companies is synonymous with reliability and excellence. When you choose our screen protector, you’re choosing the best.
  3. Model Number: 9H Nano Flexible Glass Screen Protector: Our product is more than just a screen protector; it’s a shield crafted to perfection.
  4. Versatile Use: This screen protector is exclusively designed for mobile phones, making it the ideal choice for your REALME C21.
  5. Proudly Pakistani: Our product proudly hails from Pakistan, a testament to our commitment to delivering top-notch quality.
  6. Cutting-Edge Material: Our screen protector is crafted from flexible glass, setting a new standard for durability and protection.
  7. Ultra-Thin Profile: At a mere 0.3mm in thickness, our screen protector maintains the sleek aesthetics of your Phone 14 while offering robust protection.
  8. Unmatched Hardness: With a remarkable 9H hardness rating, our screen protector stands up to daily wear and tear, shielding your REALME C21’s screen from scratches and impacts.

Why Choose Our REALME C21 Screen Protector?

Our 9H Nano Flexible Glass Screen Protector is not just an accessory; it’s an essential investment in your device’s longevity and functionality. Here are some compelling reasons to choose our product:

  1. Unrivaled Protection: Our screen protector acts as a strong barrier against scratches, drops, and impacts. It’s your REALME C21’s armor.
  2. Crystal-Clear Clarity: Experience the brilliance of your REALME C21’s display with our high-transparency screen protector. No loss of screen clarity.
  3. Smooth Touch Sensation: The flexible glass offers a smooth, tactile sensation that replicates the natural touch of your REALME C21’s screen.
  4. Easy Installation: Our screen protector is a breeze to install, thanks to the included installation kit. Say goodbye to annoying air bubbles.
  5. Oil-Resistant Coating: Keep fingerprints and smudges at bay with the oil-resistant coating, ensuring a clean and clear screen.
  6. Case-Friendly Design: Designed for seamless compatibility with most phone cases, our screen protector offers versatile protection for your device.
  7. Long-Lasting Durability: Built to withstand daily wear and tear, our screen protector provides long-lasting protection, keeping your REALME C21 looking brand new.

Elevate Your REALME C21 Experience:

Don’t compromise on the safety and functionality of your REALME C21. Trust in the 9H Nano Flexible Glass Screen Protector by Askani Group of Companies to safeguard your device. With crystal-clear clarity, robust protection, and easy installation, it’s the perfect addition to enhance your REALME C21 experience.

Order Your REALME C21 Screen Protector Today:

Invest in the protection your REALME C21 deserves. Order our 9H Nano Flexible Glass Screen Protector now, and ensure your device stays in immaculate condition. Choose quality. Choose Askani Group of Companies.

In conclusion, our REALME C21 is a top-tier solution for preserving the integrity and aesthetics of your device. With uncompromised quality, flexibility, and strength, it’s the ultimate guardian for your REALME C21. Don’t settle for less—choose the best. Order your 9H Nano Flexible Glass Screen Protector by Askani Group of Companies today!

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