Balochi Dress

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Balochi Dress for women is one of the beautiful cultural aspects of Balochistan. Balochi Dresses are attractive, fashionable, classic, and very rich. No woman in any part of the world can refuse to wear it.

It has heavy embroidered sleeves and borders. It has pockets that are triangle shape. This triangle-shaped pocket is sewn with Daman and lots of beautiful embroideries are done on it too. Balochi dress is unique since the embroidery work on it leads you to a unique taste of art in Baloch. The patterns and the designs of Balochi dresses are unique and eye-catching that you can’t find that type of embroidery work in other cultural dresses.

Balochi dresses are no doubt an apple of the eye for any fashion designer since there is a lot of space to make them more beautiful and up-to-date.

The Balochi dresses are gorgeous and adorable; hence, it takes lots of money and time to prepare. Its price ranges from a few hundred to thousands. An average Balochi dress takes 7 to 8 months to prepare since this is one of the unique hand-made dresses.

Baloch wears a long Jama such as a smoky frock up to the heels, a loose shalwar, a long chadar or scarf, a cotton cloth turban, and most shoes that float under the feet.

The clothes of the people of Balochistan consist of different types of shirts and shalwars, turbans, shoes, and headscarves. Balochi women wear heavily embroidered shalwar kameez and dupatta with embroidery in which they use shisha work. Balochi Dutch, a famous Balochi dresses, is too much expensive and it takes months to complete a single Balochi suit.