About Askani Group

At Askani Group of Companies, we are proud to offer you a magnificent variety of fashion lines including Casual, Formal & Semi-Formal wear from the house of top leading brands of Pakistan.

No one can deny the eye-catching and fascinating style of Traditional Balochi Dresses. We, at Askani Group of Companies also offer a splendid variety of Handmade Embroidered Balochi Dresses at a very affordable price.

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About Askani Group

We are a family of leading brands

Driven by our aspiration to make great design available to everyone at a reasonable price. Together we offer a variety of Deluxe Fashion, Exclusive Designs, and Supreme Services that enable people to express their style contentedly.

We aim to deliver your orders to your doorstep in an efficient way within the minimum required times. We believe “Affordable Fashion Accessories” are for EveryOne.

At Trusted Brand by Askani Group of Companies

we strive to achieve the highest level of “Customer Satisfaction” possible. Our cutting edge E-Commerce Platform, highly experienced buying team, agile Warehouse Systems, and State-of-the-Art  Customer Care Center provide the customer with:

  • A Broader Selection of Products
  • Superior Buying Experience
  • On-Time Delivery of Products
  • Quick Resolution of any Concerns