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Khas Embroidered 3 Piece Chiffon Collection 2024

Imagine yourself wearing a stunning outfit that flows beautifully and feels incredibly soft. That’s the magic of the Khas Embroidered 3-Piece Chiffon Collection.

Luxurious Fabric, Elevated Designs for All:

Soft, Flowy Chiffon: The star of the show is the lightweight chiffon fabric. It drapes beautifully, creating elegant silhouettes that feel amazing against your skin. Perfect for warmer weather or special occasions, it lets you move with confidence.

Delicate Embroidery: Intricate embroidery adds a touch of sophistication, taking the plain chiffon to a whole new level. Expect beautiful patterns, motifs, or embellishments that complement the overall design. The embroidery might be on the shirt front, sleeves, or dupatta, creating a cohesive look.

A Complete Ensemble:

Embroidered Shirt: This unstitched shirt is likely the centerpiece. Depending on the design, the embroidery could be on the front panel, neckline, or sleeves.

Flowing Dupatta: A luxurious chiffon dupatta completes the outfit. Imagine it adding a touch of elegance as it drapes over your shoulders. The dupatta might also be embroidered along the edges or even have lace detailing for a truly stunning look.

Comfortable Trousers: The collection likely includes a separate trouser fabric, possibly in a contrasting material with a grippy texture. This prevents the sheer chiffon from clinging or being uncomfortable.

Style for Every Taste and Occasions 

Since Khas Collection offers a variety, you can expect a range of embroidered designs, motifs, and color combinations. Whether you love classic florals, modern geometrics, or intricate paisley designs, there’s something for you.

A Touch of Customization for Everyone

Keep in mind that the collection is likely unstitched. This means you get the freedom to tailor the pieces to your specific size and desired style. While this allows for customization, it’s important to factor in tailoring costs.

Confidence and Elegance Await

The Khas Luxury Embroidered Collection offers a luxurious and elegant look that’s perfect for special occasions or elevating your everyday wardrobe. With its combination of flowing chiffon, intricate embroidery, and comfortable trousers, this collection creates a beautiful and practical ensemble you’ll love.

Remember: Specific details like embroidery designs, color options, and trouser fabric types might be limited online. Explore the Khas Stores website and consider contacting their customer service for the latest information and to answer any questions you may have.