Anarkali Embroidered Collection

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Anarkali Embroidered Collection 2024 by Arhum Textile

Askani Group proudly presents the Anarkali Embroidered Collection, a captivating range of Anarkali suits designed to make you the center of attention. This collection embodies the essence of grace and sophistication, featuring stunning embroidery on a variety of luxurious fabrics.
A Flattering Silhouette for Every Occasion

The Anarkali suit is a timeless silhouette, known for its fitted bodice and flowing skirt. This design flatters all body types and is perfect for any special occasion, from weddings and festivals to formal gatherings.

Askani Group’s Anarkali Embroidered Collection offers a variety of styles to suit your taste. You can choose from:

Classic Length: The traditional Anarkali reaches down to the ankles, creating a regal and elegant look.

Knee-Length: Opt for a modern twist with a knee-length Anarkali, perfect for a more contemporary feel.

We also offer a variety of sleeve lengths, allowing you to find the perfect level of coverage for your comfort and preference.

Exquisite Embroidered Details

The true beauty of the Anarkali Embroidered Collection lies in its intricate details. We use a variety of traditional and modern embroidery techniques to create stunning embellishments on the neckline, sleeves, and skirt. Our skilled artisans employ techniques like:

Zardozi: This intricate technique uses metallic threads to create elaborate patterns, adding a touch of grandeur to your outfit.

Chikankari: This delicate embroidery style features white threadwork on lightweight fabrics, creating a beautiful and airy look.

Aari Work: This hand-stitching technique allows for intricate designs and personalized details on your Anarkali suit.

With a variety of embroidery styles and colors to choose from, you can personalize your look and create a truly unique Anarkali suit.

Luxurious Fabrics for Unparalleled Comfort

Askani Group understands that comfort is key, especially when it comes to traditional wear. That’s why our Anarkali Embroidered Collection features a variety of luxurious fabrics, including:

Pure Silk: Experience the ultimate in luxury with a silk Anarkali. This fabric is soft, and breathable, and drapes beautifully on your body.

Viscose Georgette: This lightweight and airy fabric is perfect for warmer weather. It features a beautiful sheen and adds a touch of elegance to your outfit.

Linen: Opt for a more natural look with a linen Anarkali. This fabric is incredibly breathable and keeps you cool on hot days.

No matter your preference, you’re sure to find the perfect fabric to create a comfortable and stylish Anarkali suit in our collection.