Gul Ahmed Chunri Collection

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Gul Ahmed Chunri Lawn Collection for 2023

We know you’re looking for stunning outfits that keep you cool and comfortable during spring and summer. Look no further than the Gul Ahmed Chunri Collection!

Crafted from our signature, high-quality lawn fabric, these breezy pieces are perfect for beating the heat. The lawn is breathable and lightweight, allowing you to stay cool and fresh all day long.

Design and Style:

Chunri Inspiration: The collection drew inspiration from chunri, a traditional colorful veil worn in Pakistan. This theme was reflected in the use of vibrant prints and motifs reminiscent of chunri designs.

Motifs and Prints: Expect to find a delightful array of designs featuring floral patterns, geometric shapes, and paisley prints, all rendered in a rich color palette.

Stitched and Unstitched Options: The collection catered to different preferences by offering both stitched (ready-to-wear) and unstitched (fabric by the meter) options. This allowed for greater flexibility, enabling customers to choose a pre-designed outfit or tailor the fabric to their liking.

Fabric Finesse:

Lawn Perfection: As expected from the Gul Ahmed collection used premium lawn fabric. This lightweight, breathable cotton weave ensures comfort during hot summer days.

Texture and Prints: Gul Ahmed Chunri lawn came in a variety of textures, from smooth and crisp to slightly textured for a more subtle look. Prints were applied using techniques like lacquer printing, which creates a luxurious, slightly raised effect on the fabric.

Design Details:

Color Palette: This collection embraced a vibrant color story. Expect to find rich jewel tones like emerald, ruby, and sapphire alongside playful fuchsias and sunny yellows. Pastels and muted tones likely featured as well, offering a more subdued option.

Embroidery Finesse: While the collection might have focused on printed designs, some suits might have incorporated elegant embroidery along the neckline, sleeves, or dupatta borders. This added a touch of sophistication and craftsmanship.

Dupatta Delights: The dupattas (scarves) were a key element, echoing the prints of the shirt and trousers. They might have featured intricate borders or all-over designs, adding a layer of elegance to the outfit.

Suit Variety:

While the core offering consisted of three-piece suits, there could have been variations:

Two-Piece Options: Some suits might have offered just the shirt and dupatta, allowing for more mix-and-match potential.

Lawn Shirt and Salwar: For those who prefer a more traditional silhouette, the collection might have included options with a flowy salwar instead of trousers.