Viscose Dobby

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Viscose Dobby is a traditional fabric of Pakistan and is more associated with a feeling of patriotism. Currently, the Saya Digital Printed Viscose Dobby is gaining the global spotlight. Viscose Dobby is a fabric that brings a feeling of peace, nationalism, and simplicity to Pakistan.

SAYA Digital Printed Viscose Dobby Un-Stitched (3 Piece)

  1. Digital Printed Premium Viscose Dobby Shirt – 1.78 Meters
  2. Digital Printed Premium Viscose Dobby Dupatta – 2.5 Meters
  3. Premium Dyed Viscose Dobby Trouser – 2 Meters

It’s in human nature that he always wants a change in life, like in basic change in our clothing. We may do whatever makes us happy. even if we talk about Pakistan, we come to know that Pakistan has changed a lot, From the independence day of August 14, 1947, up to date, Pakistan has been a society in transition. The society of Pakistan is dynamic and therefore ever-changing, and its patterns are changing and transforming from time to time.